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You don't have to be a "good" singer - if you can hum, come sing with us!

From giving you rushes of dopamine, to strengthening brain functions, to even increasing survival skills, singing is a great, all-rounded way to benefit the mind. Just think of the way your favourite musical piece makes you feel. Does the introductory music give you goosebumps every time you listen to it? Do the lyrics have a seemingly healing effect on your soul? Does the melody make you want to sing out loud?

We've teamed up with our friends at Yarm Wellness to provide a positive impact on the wellbeing of the wider community through the provision of a community choir. Each week we will sing together, chat and have fun and even try our hand at instruments such as Ukulele, Samba drumming and more.


Warm-ups and icebreakers, allowing people to move into a positive, open and relaxed mindset and physical state enabling collaboration with others.



Breathing plays an essential role in the anatomy of singing while also offering psychological, physiological and wellbeing benefits.



Stretching and warming up the body enables safe and supported singing, getting the body moving which is good for both physical and mental health, ridding the body of excess tension which may get in the way of physical and mental benefits. Movement also allows the body to connect with the breath, music and to others and can also help process emotions and experiences.



The importance of feeling part of something, with social elements such as making new friends and having something in common contributing.



Having a shared goal can unite a choir, and the process of working together through the journey of preparations nurtures effective teamwork and collaboration.

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