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Violin Shop


We house one of the largest music libraries in the North East of England.

Browse our extensive catalogue of titles, ordered in ensemble, groups and section!

We operate an Assisted Purchase scheme which helps pupils purchase their own instruments, thereby releasing Music Service instruments so that other children are able to share the opportunities which your child has already received.


Under the scheme instruments can be purchased from any retailer without paying the VAT.

There is an administration charge of 5%, which does attract VAT, for using the scheme.

You are strongly advised to consult your child’s instrumental teacher about the choice of suitable make and model of the instrument you want to purchase. You are also advised to have an instrument on approval before committing yourself to purchase.  Retrospective application to the scheme cannot be considered.  

Committed to accessibility and diversity, Tees Valley Music Service offers music lessons, teacher training, school curriculum support and delivery, consultancy for all aspects of music education, including music technology, and instrument and equipment hire. TVMS also put on a range of music events!

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