Terms and Conditions 2021


  1. All pupils must be registered with TVMS to receive tuition (with or without instrument hire),  or membership of a band, and orchestra or choir. This ensures that appropriate safety and safeguarding measures are in place and that our service is fair to all.

2. Any change of address or contact information must be updated on your Speedadmin account, for which you will have received a secure login. This information is vital if your child is part of a band, orchestra or choir or out of school activity as this will be the contact details in  the event of any emergency.

3. Any change in circumstances, including benefit entitlement, must be sent in writing immediately to the TVMS Office.

4. The 38 week academic year is September to July. We aim to offer your child a minimum of 30 lessons per academic year. Lesson numbers are reduced pro rata if your child registers part way through the academic year.

5. A lesson will not be offered every week as some weeks are dedicated to workshops and staff ensembles in schools, training for TVMS/teachers and instrumental examinations. In general,  this may work out as an average of 2-3 lessons a month, meaning some mpnths there may be less lessons than others over the full 38 week academic year.

6. TVMS will provide a progress report to pupils receiving tuition during the academic year.

7. Lessons are subject to change depending on group size and pupils’ length of learning. Lesson duration is 20 minutes (beginner group) or 30 minutes (all others).

8. Lessons offered during the school day will usually involve pupils being withdrawn from their normal school classes. Times and dates for lessons in schools are arranged to fit in with both the school and TVMS teacher’s timetable.

9. A rota may be put in place to avoid pupils missing the same core lesson each week. In this event, details of times/days will be displayed on the school notice board. It is the pupils’ responsibility to check this.

10. TVMS Staff are not responsible for escorting pupils to and from lessons, and are only responsible for pupils during their actual tuition time.

11. Taster tuition will be offered for a minimum of 5 weeks. If your child does not attend all 5 lessons there is no refund.

12. If you do not wish to continue tuition after the 5 week taster sessions it is your responsibility to cancel the tuition with TVMS (not with the school or teacher) before the 5 weeks conclude to avoid future charges. After this point the tuition will automatcially transfer to ‘Beginner status’ and our standard Charging, Cancellation and Refund POlicy and Terms & Conditions will apply.

13. Tuition may be withdrawn in the event of disruptive or anti-social behaviour by either the pupil or parent/carer or poor attendance of the pupil. No credit will be available in these circumstances.

14. Lessons will continue term-on-term and year-on-year, even when a child transfers to secondary school, until written notice is received at the TVMS Office to advise us of your decision to cancel lessons. Our teachers are not office-based so we will advise the teacher of your decision at the earliest possible opportunity. Please email tvms@tvms.org.uk to receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation request. Alternatively send a letter to TVMS, Frederick Nattrass Centre, Stockton-on-Tees, TS20 1BY. Account payers will be liable to pay installments until the end of the term in which we received your written cancellation. If you cancel tuition and the target number of lessons have been offered you will be required to pay installments to the end of the academic year, even if your child does not attend.   

Zoom Individual lessons and Instrument Hire

15. Zoom Individual tuition is delivered online via Zoom only and will be delivered at the pre-agreed time/date, which could be day or evening time.

16. Zoom Individual lesson timings may be altered but only with agreement of both account holder and teacher.

17. Zoom Individual lesson will have 3 months of instrument hire free of charge, if required. Instrument hire will be charged at the standard instalment rate thereafter.

18. Zoom Individual hired instruments will be delivered/returned to TVMS or a local school within the Tees Valley area, subject to prior notification. Standard Terms and Conditions will apply to the hire of TVMS instruments to all students/account holders.

19. There is no applicable discount of fees for students learning under the Zoom Individual course, including any instrument hire.

20. Zoom Individual students under 18 years will require a parental signed Zoom consent to be completed and returned to TVMS. This will be emailed to the registered email account when the registration is received and processed by TVMS. Tuition cannot start without this signed consent form due to Safeguarding Policy.


21. Membership of Premier Ensembles involves a commitment for the whole year. Membership and benefits may be withdrawn at any time if a student defaults on attendance at rehearsals and concerts/events.

22. Memberships of all ensembles/bands/choirs will continue term-on-term and year-on-year, even when a child transfers to secondary school, until written notice is received at TVMS Office to advise us of your decsiion to cancel membership. Our teachers are not office-based so we will advise the teacher of your decision at the earliest possible opportunity. Please email tvms@tvms.org.uk to receive an acknowledgment of your cancellation request. Alternatively send a letter to TVMS, Frederick Nattrass Centre, Swale Road, Stockton-on-Tees, TS20 1BY. Account payers will be liable to pay instrument hire until the end of the term in which we receive your written cancellation. No refund will be given for ensemble fees.

23. Any pupil returning to TVMS activities after leaving school will be required to regsiter for our Alumni. This ensures members receive regular updates and information regarding thier membership. Membership fee is detailed in our Charging Policy. Registration must take place through your SpeedAdmin account.


24. TVMS reserve the right to change Terms and Conditions at any time. You will be advised at least 1 month in advance of any changes to monthly instalments. If the size of your child’s group lesson reduces to one or two pupils, the respective charging rates will apply one month from the TVMS Office being informed of this change.

25. Once pupils enter Year 12, Year 13 and/or Year 14 tuition at sixth form/college, our music and vocal tuition will be delivered as individual 30 minute sessions to pupils.

26. The TVMS Charging Policy applies to all instrumental and vocal tuition, instrument hire and ensemble memberships provided by the service. See Charging Policy for full details.

27. Failure to pay instalments by the due date will result in your child’s lesson or band/orchestra/choir membership being discontinued. Lessons will only recommence once payment is received. Re-registration may be required if tuition has been stopped for a length of time as the space may have been taken by another pupil.

28. Any fees not paid may be referred to Stockton Council’s Legal team for debt recovery. This could result in your credit rating being affected should the matter be referred to the Courts.

29. Please note that any weeks where tuition is suspended due to failure to pay monthly instalments by the due date, weekly lesson numbers will continue to be continued as part of the annual total as our teaching staff have been timetabled to deliver tuition at this time.

30. If your child is unable to attend a lesson due to any reason outside the control of TVMS (eg illness, forgotten instrument) this will still count towards the lesson offered count. We do not however, charge if our teacher is absent.

31. Pupil absences with less than 48 hours’ notice given will be charged for.

32. Refunds for undelivered lessons will be made at the end of the academic year, not on a term-by-term basis.

33. If you are eligible for Income Based Discount, evidence to support your entitlement must be presented at the time of registering or as soon as you are awarded entitlement.

34. You will be notified of the increase in tuition fees after your child has received their first year of beginner tuition. A new payment schedule will be issued at this point.

35. A monthly invoice will be sent detailing your next instalment due. If there is a debt on your account, collection by Direct Debit will NOT be possible until the account is brought up to date and no outstanding fees remain.


36. You are strongly recommended to insure any TVMS instrument on loan on an ‘all-risks’ basis. You are responsible for the full cost of damage should the instrument be lost or stolen. TVMS is unable to provide recommendations for individual companies.

37. TVMS does not accept liability for loss or damage to pupils’ instruments or personal possessions.

38. Instrument hire is available to those pupils having lessons with TVMS only. It is not possible to hire or continue to hire instruments if you are registered for ensembl3e-only membership.

39. The instrument must be kept in good order and maintained in the manner recommended by the instrumental teacher/Support Service Manager. All hired instruments can be brought in to TVMS free of charge on an annual basis for a maintenance check. Please contact TVMS to book this service.

40. Repairs may only be arranged by TVMS and must not be attempted by any other person.

41. It is your responsibility to purchase replacement strings, reeds and accessories.

42. Any hired TVMS instrument remains your responsibility until cancellation is complete and confirmation of return of instrument is provided by TVMS. If an instrument is not returned to TVMS when tuition ceases, you will be invoiced for the full replacement value.