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Rock Factory @ Sound Pod


Whether you want to be a guitar hero, demon drummer, keyboard king, boss of the bass or superstar singer we can set you on your way at Rock Factory in our Sound Pod facility.


Sound Pod, featuring high tech access to all the above activities, was first installed at TVMS in 2009. Since then, teaching methods have been developed and refined to give young music pupils and students the authentic pop and rock experience, including formal lessons, song writing workshops, multi-track recording and drum boot camps.


Forget X Factor, this is the start of a real musical journey that can last a life time.  Welcome to Rock Factory!  


Imagine ten rock bands in the same room all playing at the same time! This could only happen in the Sound Pod facility at TVMS where ten band stations, each with guitar, bass, keyboards, electronic drums and hand percussion, work blissfully unaware of anyone who is not in their ‘Pod’. The teacher can listen in and give support to one Pod, a number of them or all of them at once. Sharing and performing can be done by lifting the master faders to the 1000 watt PA system – controlled by the teacher of course.


The facility is used for;  

  • Whole class primary school regular First Access (up to 30 weeks)

  • Adult Day Care Centre drumming activities (twice weekly)

  • Sound Recording & Rehearsals

  • Song Writing Days

  • Special projects or workshops

  • Instrumental Lessons

For more information contact Tees Valley Music Service

Tees Valley Music Service and MUSINC music production course

For the first time, in 2021 TVMS offered students aged 10-15 the chance to learn the basics of music production.

This 6 week course took place every Tuesday from the 13th April 2021.  

The fee for this course was £60, with financial support available through TVMS.

Paul Thompson, percussion teacher at TVMS, led this course .  


Running the course again is currently in the planning stages.

Watch this space for updates!

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