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  • Is it aimed at Primary or secondary or both?
    Materials are currently KS1 and KS2 focussed but, given its Mozart - albeit translated into English and in a more suitable key for children - the resources will certainly be usable for KS3+ as well. Some of the resources - especially those adapted by TVMS - will be accessible for EYFS settings too! However, the target is primarily Primary as it ticks almost every box on the Model Music Curriculum in one swoop!


  • How many schools are involved? Which schools?
    Nearly 100 of our teaching colleagues from around 70 schools across 5 local authorities have signed up to participate in one way or another - starting with attendance at our CPD sessions. This is the most participants taking part in any Royal Opera House programme! For our end-of-year performances,  numbers will have to be capped due to space and fire regulations. 


  • Is it open to special schools / alternative provision and home ed?
    "Resource development for SEND settings (with a focus on PMLD settings) is a real focus of this year. The resources are being designed with the Sound of Intent framework at the core, with a route through the new Trinity qual. We won't have assets to support the written resource until later in the year. " - Royal Opera House

    While we put the finishing touches to our digital resources and encourage all primary schools to sign up for this opportunity, we will also be developing resources in partnership with Ash Trees Academy and Musinc for SEND pupils. We hope to also include Middlesbrough Town Hall's Open Orchestra project in the scheme as well. Your patience is appreciated while these bespoke resources are developed. Leaders of music for alternative provision are welcome to attend our CPD, use the resources, and take part in the project. Home educators should get in touch for more information about what resources we can share with them. 

  • I'm a freelance music practitioner, can I access the training?
    If you work as a music practitioner in schools which may be participating in this project, please sign up to the project via the above CPD links. Attending these sessions will allow you to support the staff in the settings you are working in.


  • Would it be something that it would be possible to do with a choir rather than a class?​
    Yes absolutely. The programme is very adaptive and can be delivered in ways to suit a school's individual needs.  At this stage the best thing to do is sign up for the free CPD so we can ensure you get all the information and training you need. The idea is that, regardless of how you run with the project, there is the option to attend the culminating snappy events in the summer term and/or put on your own bespoke performance in school.

ROH CREATE & SING, WILBERFORCE PRIMARY 4.4.19. (HI-RES) - James Bellorini Photography-15.j
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