Snappy Spring 2018 – Recap

A new mass-singing event took place in March, resembling the large scale Snappy Christmas workshops that took place last year. With the success of the December events, TVMS wanted to extend the Snappy Music brand even further by offering a fresh and exciting workshop and concert to schools and pupils during the Spring term. This took the form of Snappy Spring, a unique, engaging and memorable experience for primary school children. But unlike Snappy Christmas, these series of workshops were targeted solely towards KS1 children.

Group of children performing the actions to Spring Chicken

The response to the event was monumental as over 50 schools and more than 2000 Key Stage 1 pupils enrolled in Snappy Spring! The event spanned 3 dates, was hosted in 3 venues and each featured a show-stopping concert at the end of each session. With assistance from TVMS Staff and with the return of the Snappy Band, the pupils expertly performed to parents and relatives after an initial rehearsal.

The songs were majorly TVMS’ own works with standouts such as Spring Chicken and Stanley and Cedric however 2 schools performed solos. To accompany the singing, the children also learnt actions to the songs so there was a lot to memorise which was no small feat but the pupils rose to the challenge and performed with confidence. The 30 minute showcase ended in an ovation from the audience. Susan Robertson, TVMS Manager, then thanked the pupils and teachers for taking part. She commented particularly that it was “lovely that schools saw the value in music and the positive impact events like Snappy Spring can have on young children”. Mrs Robertson than showed appreciation to the TVMS band, the staff at the venue and to the parents who not only supported their children by attending the performance but also supported TVMS itself.        
Susan led the events

A £1 entry fee was asked and gratefully received from each attendee which will go towards providing more musical opportunities for children living in Teesside.



To summarise, the Snappy Spring events were a tremendous success and affirm our belief that music can enrich children’s lives both socially and academically. Look out for more Snappy Music events coming up later this year including Snappy Carmen, launching this June.Children performing actions to One Voice